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X:1 |:g|fdge fd-df|BB/2B/2 eB cA-Ag|fdge fd-df|BB/2B/2 cAd3:|], X: 1 To pour the coffee out. All take tea. However there are a great many American variants of the melody with some more similar to the main tune than others, and some so distant as to be nearly unrecognizable. T:Polly Put the Kettle On [1] County CD-3509, The Skillet Lickers (reissue). 66, p. 46 (as "Jenny Put the Kettle On"). |:fdge|fdge|Beed|cAA2| R:Quick step Marimac AHS #3, Glen Smith - "Say Old Man" (1990. M:2/4 F: Was ae bawbee. 191, pp. T: Jenny’s Bawbee County CD-3509, The Skillet Lickers (reissue). F: Jenny blow the dinner horn, A song with the title: "Molly Put the Kettle On or Jenny's Baubie" was published by Joseph Dale in London in 1803. All sources indicate that it was first published in 1797, although its tune is known to have been used earlier, in the 1770’s. Be sure to clear previous searches before starting a new one by clicking on the x next to each search term at the top. Nose like a spout; Click on the tune title to see or modify Polly Put the Kettle On (1)'s annotations. If the link is red you can create them using the form provided. K:D K:D N:fiddler Wil Gilmer. Document DOCD-8060, The Skillet Lickers (reissue). a/b/a/g/ f/d/d/f/ | g/B/e/d/ c/A/A | a/b/a/g/ f/d/d/c/ | B/d/c/e/ dz :| And birl’t a’ three. f-a-|abag fd3|efed cA2(f/a/-|a)bag fdd2|e2c2 d3(f/a/-| From Herd’s Ancient and Modern Scots Songs (1776): abag |fd d2 | Bedc | d2d2 :| Because I have no names for most of them I will use the title “Martin Collection No X” until someone with greater knowledge than I can supply a proper name. A:Lincolnshire, Holton le Moor A:Wyresdale, Lancashire L: 1/8 Recorded sources : - Columbia 15380 (78 RPM), Leake County Revelers (1928). abag|fdd2|Beed|cAA2| N: Transposed from Dmaj for comparison Membership is free, and it only takes a moment to sign up. My Jenny had, my Jenny had, O:England Similarly, the Mississippi's Leake County Revelers sang on their 1928 Columbia recording: Molly put the kettle on, b.) Molly put the kettle on, track 11.) Origins. "Molly Put the Kettle On" was the name of a tune in the repertoire of fiddler and Confederate veteran Arnold A. Parrish (Willow Springs, Wake County, N.C.), as recorded by the old Raleigh News and Observer. Polly put the kettle on, Georgia guitar player and singer Riley Puckett sang the following verses as a member of the north Georgia band The Skillet Lickers: Molly put the kettle on, Sukey take it off again, Sukey take it off again, Sukey take it off again, They've all gone away. M:C| L:1/8 If you aren’t a member of The Session yet, you can sign up now. Check out for more info. |: a>bag fddf | gBe>d cAAf | a>bag fddf | B/B/B cA d4 :| BGGB|cAAg|fde^c|d2d2:|! K:D American, Reel (cut time). Browse Properties
Browse/:Polly Put the Kettle On (5) Theme code Index 1H661H 5335 Also known as Composer/Core Source Charles Baldwin Region England A:Temple Sowerby,Cumbria The Thistle And Shamrock ~ a set of 3 highland schottisches / flings as played by Donegal fiddler Danny O’Donnell USA; Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas, central Alabama. AKA- "Jenny Put the Kettle On (1)," "Polly put the Kettle on (2)," "Sally put the Kettle on." Gorsley was a known stopping place for travellers, notably the Locke family from whom Sharp collected many fine tunes. Submitted on September 10th 2008 by deeor. And my plack and your plack, Sally blow the dinner horn; Sukey take it off again, R:Reel Learned from Creed Smith). S:J. Lishman (?) |:FDFA|dAAc|BGBd|gdd=f| Z:vmp.R.Greig2010 L:1/8 N:Stephen Grier (c. 1824-1894) was a piper and fiddler from |: BGcA BGGB | cEA>G FDDc | BGcA BGGB | E/E/E FD G4 :| ecAc|dBGc|B/d/B/G/ A/c/A/F/|G2G2:|, X: 1 England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, United States, Country Dance, March/Marche, Polka, Reel (single/double),,,,, See also listing at : Jane Keefer's Folk Music Index: An Index to Recorded Sources [1] # Posted on September 10th 2008 by deeor, Looks like a version of "Jenny’s Bawbee" X: 2 S: Gow’s Repository Part 1 To carry out a search on two or more terms at once, e.g. Browse Properties
Browse/:Molly Put the Kettle On (1) Theme code Index 5H5H5H3H 4H2H75 Also known as Polly put the Kettle on (2), Sally put the Kettle on Composer/Core Source Handle on the other side Polly Put the Kettle On (1) Click on the tune title to see or modify Polly Put the Kettle On (1)'s annotations.

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