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Articoli di Jonathan Z. Smith. The words that are used to describe something are descriptions and therefore by definition are abstracted representations that can both limit and inhibit the ability to shift structural patterns. For example: in working with the CEO of a prominent company he complained of chronic tightness in his neck. He called his diagram the structural differential.

The implications are profound. I listened to her story, one that had been told times before, and said: “I’m curious, what might happen if you allow your focus to be with the sensation of bubbling and lifted the label of fear off that sensation.” I suggested that labeling a sensation was like putting a strip of Velcro over it and that she could peel the Velcro away. endobj The bubbling sensation had moved in milli-seconds from the level of neutral sensation - to the descriptive level and labeling of a feeling state carrying her further and further from the quantum process level and down the levels of the structural differential – her history. The brain and nervous system does this automatically. Left to their own devices, our brains will accept whatever maps we give them and will use them again and again. The body is movement.

The words we choose to evoke, explore, touch and educate can ease and smooth the unfolding of life’s vital movement through another’s body.

Oftentimes, the anatomical map and goals of a session need to be momentarily set aside when the patterned binding of the fascia appears to be limited by language and beliefs.

Yesterday, Peter said “calm” was for him a sensation of feeling support. There were specific areas where she was having difficulty, and from these she had somehow formed a neuro-linguistic map which said, "I never feel self-confident." I watched her chest contract and breathing stop. The key to remember is that words are abstractions of reality. Let's look at an example. Dr. Rolf said the body is ‘plastic’. As we observe structure you might see a right shoulder that sits higher than their left shoulder or a right innominate bone that does not shift anteriorly with push off etc. It allows us to accept our thoughts and feelings for what they are -- just thoughts, just feelings. is not the territory it maps. 1985. Like the bubbles in soda water – they’re just fizzy. 5-27] >>
This activity is totally instinctive, reflexive, without volition. Speaking through images. She stated that she was beginning to feel a familiar sensation in her chest. 2 0 obj “The more viscerally aware you are – the more emotionally attuned you are.”10 The tendency to abstract and label sensation is naturally part of everyday behaviors, the practice is to notice that’s what we’re doing.

Beneath every descriptive state is a sensation that is closest to the quantum level of process with zillions of photons pulsing through the field. He emphasized that human beings do not experience the world directly, but only through their "abstractions" (nonverbal impressions or "gleanings" derived from the nervous system, and verbal indicators expressed and derived from language).

‘The territory’ represents the constant movement of extremely small subatomic ‘energies. 53. It was during 3rd hour back work, when he began to feel his shoulders relaxing and sense the support coming from his pelvis. I recall early Rolfing instructors giving examples of the ‘lack of similarity’ in our descriptions as we were learning to assess and describe the structural patterns of the individual standing before us. H��]o㸱��z��CR�(�۲�+z���m�(����m��s{���93IY��EaФ��͙����>���[q�=���-���zq8>�oo��������?m��ߏ�|�lWE!�O_��ě�l���lQ��х��J����b���X���7�CSh��|��uj�dv�?�����ӿo���֗v}xݾ�����}����v,&����~?%�� Lh�1������W�ęMS��iS%�?�!��j)*���`��� ��0[�J)�X�zI�n�b�y-o^�Xy. She said it was like something bubbling up inside her chest and that this sensation was familiar. In Korzybski's words, we easily confuse them with the territory. Our role in Rolfing is not as therapist but as educator. Others may describe (or “map”) the situation quite differently than you. Now imagine that the universe – with its vast fields of vibrating subatomic particles (photons) pouring through the holes of your colander. From cover of Greg Sawin’s unpublished manuscript . © December 20132. “The map is not the territory.” Dr. Alfred Korzybski’s famous words were quoted frequently during early trainings at the Rolf Institute beginning in 1981.

What happens when you take the label off the word and just experience the neutral flow of energy-movment through your body?

The structural differential summarizes the essence of Korzybski’s work. They may be resourceful at one time in our lives and limiting at another. ... Smith, Map Is Not Territory, 259.

NLP's 1933 roots and why eating menus isn't pretty. /BleedBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000]

What’s your experience right now as you’re listening? It would be as if someone moved to California from Kansas but continued to use his Kansas roadmap because he was familiar with it and liked it better than the California roadmap. They have a strong tendency, however, to reuse preferred maps, regardless of the territory.

38 Structural Integration / July 2015 www.rolf.org of personal projections, interpretations, or emotion.

It takes an enormous amount of these energies to make up something substantial enough to be seen, felt, smelled etc.5, From this ‘process level’ with its zillions of quantum energies filtering through we come to a ‘sense level’. Map is Not Territory: Studies in the History of Religions PDF/EPUB æ is Not Territory: Studies in MOBI :È Map is PDF/EPUB ² Not Territory: Kindle Ò Not Territory: Studies in PDF or is Not Territory: ePUB ☆ In Map Is Not Territory, Jonathan Z Smith engages previous interpretations of religious texts from late antiquity, critically evaluates the notion of sacred space a. This morning (in the Principles class ’08)11 we explored yielding into the support of the floor, or the table or the supporting back of the chair. /MediaBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000]

The right brain knows images. Abstraction like digestion is a natural bodily function. This book is nothing less than a canonical masterpiece. “ Let this bone widen as if curtains are opening and the sun is shining in.” Suddenly, my occiput dropped and widened. The map is not the territory, the word is not the thing. In an attempt to trace the threads of Dr. Rolf’s early influences, I attended a 10-day seminar studying the work of Alfred Korzybski in 1997. From cover of Greg Sawin’s unpublished manuscript . <> For him, given his situation, that might be a pretty useful map. It is not about replacing a “bad” label with a “good” label.

Find your elusive poet who often hides out in your right brain. It was as if she would look at this map, then look at the world around her, and wilt inside.

Realize that the ‘story’ a client (or the story we tell ourselves) is an abstraction from the quantum event and sensation level. The language of sensation is the language of the brainstem. This sense level disc reveals the photon energies that are now being perceived through the nervous system. This was also the pattern I observed in her body stance. Remembering that the word is not the thing … yet we need language, words to communicate our ideas. She agreed and responded with, “wow, this feels like excitement”. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a sensation is worth a thousand pictures.

1 0 obj Maps are static analogs, like a snapshot, while territories are dynamic, like a river.

In our culture, the body is often treated as a machine, parts are removed, replaced and war is declared on disease. It's not that she literally, intellectually believed her map statement to be true when asked about it.

They are not ‘seeing’ exactly what you are ‘seeing’, from your unique perspective.

For example: “stand up straight”, is a command that every client has heard over a lifetime. We can become curious about them, we can evaluate them, and we can change them if other thoughts or feelings would be more useful, healthy and life affirming. It is amazing what has stayed with me over these many years when the practitioner spoke with language that evoked spaciousness, allowing and imagery. NLP simply points out that our neuro-linguistic processes are powerful enough, on their own, to produce our awareness and subsequent responses. "I never feel self-confident," she complained. At the verbal level, ‘the map’ consisting of words, descriptions, beliefs, theories etc. We can improve our maps. And by doing so, we can improve the quality of our lives. A client may begin to express their structural patterns in words that actually limit their availability to shift that pattern or the practitioner may describe their structure with words that limit openness to transformative effect. You cannot tell someone to just relax. This was not always an easy task as we slowly learned to …

Korzybski coined the term 'neuro-linguistic', referring to the connectedness of our nervous systems and physical responses to our thoughts as structured by the language we use. His shoulder girdle appeared to be held up by his ears. I would ask you to notice the feeling sense beneath the word. What a person ‘sees’ is based on their interpretation of the light patterns that were perceived split seconds ago. Delving into the roots of this phrase sweeps the reader into a cursory exploration of Korzybski’s theory of General Semantics that was quite amazing for the time in which it was written. The dramatic shift in human history, according to this narrative, thus occurred in the To live is to abstract; everything we do involves a level of abstraction.9. Notice the disc hanging from the process level that the parabola-colander symbolizes. Interoception is the ability to read and interpret sensations arising from your own body. Korzybski called this the descriptive level. Of course, there are those individuals who need more literal words and anatomical pictures. Here is an example from my practice that has to do with the labeling of a sensation and the restrictions that ensue. This barrage is literally beneath our conscious awareness. It is language that speaks with imagery, to the perception of weight and space and which through the voice tone of the practitioner is allowing and welcoming – it is not a ‘command’.

They all reinforced each other and formed a sort of impassible matrix she couldn't get through. Without abstraction, sensation is sensation is sensation and is neither good nor bad.

Llull is associated with the technique of the memory theater, as discussed by Francis Yates in The Art of Memory, a book well known to many media ecology scholars, including Walter Ong, and memory is part of Buzan's concept of mind mapping, it is important to note.This mnemonic technique relies on the fact that visual images help us to remember verbal content. Words can sometimes blur vision, dull senses.

When an individual expresses themselves via the descriptive level through words, phrases, stories etc.

I’m feeling fear.” I rested my hand gently on her sternum realizing she had just jumped from the sensation level, sensing energy moving, to labeling this sensation as fear. The body heals when given space. /TrimBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000]

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